July 31, 2021

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2 Dead After Man Rams Car into 2 U.S. Capitol Barricade – CBS San Francisco

PIX nowHere’s the latest from the KPIX newsroom. (4-2-21)

The Oakland Police Department is responding to the rising murder rateThe violence in Oakland has gotten so bad this year that the police have set up an entirely new department to deal with it. As Lin reports. (4-2-21)

The vaccine supply is starting to meet the demand as the age restrictions become easierIt’s been over 24 hours since a new age group in California was eligible for the COVID vaccine, but making an appointment can still be difficult. Wilson Walker explains when vaccine supply might meet our demand. (4-2-21)

US March Jobs Report exceeded expectationsCBSN Bay Area interviews former state EDD director Michael Bernick about how the March U.S. employment report exceeded expectations. This is because jobless claims in California continue to skyrocket. Bernick also discusses President Biden’s new infrastructure plan and predicts we won’t see the effects in the years to come.

Minor glitches Mar Oakland A’s Home OpenerKen Bastida speaks to Dave Kaval, President of Oakland Athletics. (4-2-21)

Airports, churches See the upswing at the beginning of the Easter weekendWhile vaccinations go up and the infection rate goes down, people are back on the road this Easter weekend. Juliette Goodrich reports. (4-2-21)

Precise forecast for Friday eveningThe chief meteorologist Paul Heggen reports live from the Pacifica Pier and has the weekend forecast. (4-2-21)

Live indoor concerts, theater, other events will reopenIt’s another sign of hope on the road to recovery: indoor concerts, live theater, and other events will be allowed in a few days. Andria Borba reports. (4-2-21)

2 dead After Man Rams car in 2 US Capitol BarricadeA veterans officer was killed when a man rammed a barricade in the US Capitol on Friday. Skyler Henry reports from Washington DC (4-2-21)

East Bay Student-Athlete, Dad Team Up for Her SuccessFor some students who rise above scholars, their story is as much about them as it is about their families. And that is certainly the case with Naja Ji Jaga and her father. Michelle Griego reports. (04/02/21)

Suspicious bag leads to evacuation at the Fremont HotelKiet Do reports that a Fremont hotel was evacuated after a suspicious bag was found on the premises (4-2-2021).

Suspicious Rams US Capitol Barrier with car, attacks officers with knife; 1 officer, suspect killedAnne Makovec recently reported on an incident in the U.S. Capitol in which two police officers were attacked (4-2-2021)

New Santa Clara County vaccine dates publishedSanta Clara County has posted a huge block of vaccine appointments, and more are coming. Kiet Do reports. (04/02/21)

Home buyers forego contingent liabilities in order to survive in the glowing housing marketOne way that buyers highlight their offerings in this hot real estate market is to forego any contingent liabilities. Brokers fear this will lead to lawsuits. Susie Steimle reports. (4-1-21)

Despite the drubbing, A’s fans were thrilled to return to the ColosseumBaseball is back in the Bay Area and the fans for the first time in over a year. Andrea Nakano reports from the Oakland Coliseum. (4-1-21)

The Fremont Police fatally shot and killed the suspect in the hotel parking lot under supervisionOn Thursday evening, two Fremont police officers shot and killed a suspect in the parking lot at the north end of the Hyatt Place hotel on West Warren Avenue. Katie Nielsen reports. (4-1-21)

Raw video: Fremont police press conference about officers being shotFremont Police Captain Sean Washington spoke to reporters Thursday night about a fatal shootout outside a hotel. (4-1-21)

Fremont police at the scene of the shooting involving a fatal officerKen Bastida reports on authorities investigating fatal shooting in Fremont (4-1-2021)

PIX nowHere’s the latest from the KPIX newsroom. (4-1-21)

Health officials say COVID variants threaten progress toward immunitySanta Clara County’s health officials are warning that variants of coronavirus now circulating in the community are threatening the advances we have made on the pandemic. Devin Fehely reports. (4-1-21)

Goodbye Cardboard Fans, A’s Welcome Humans Back to the ColosseumAthletics opens the 2021 season at home and welcomes real live fans back to the stadium. Team reporting at the Coliseum by Kenny Choi and Dennis O’Donnell. (4-1-21)

California realtors advise sellers to ignore love letters from potential buyersBrokers discourage home sellers from reading overly personal appeals from potential buyers, known in the industry as “love letters”. Susie Steimle reports. (4-1-21)