July 31, 2021

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5 Couples Who Should Have Picked Mortgage (& 5 Vice Versa)

Sarah Miller is a wedding planner and Nichole Holmes is a broker. These women are the Hilary and David of Netflix, but they are much more cordial than that I love it or list it Host. Couples can either follow Sarah’s plan and create a fabulous wedding anniversary, or they can choose Nichole’s best family home option.

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It’s not easy to make such a big decision and put either a wedding or a home on hold. Some of the couples on Marriage or mortgage Make the best decisions for the place they are in life, but others should have reconsidered.

10 Married: Alex & Precious

Precious Alex Marriage Mortgage

Alex and Precious have to think a lot, and Sarah and Nichole go out of their way to influence their decision. After Nichole learns that Precious has fertility problems but wants to become a mother, he includes a kindergarten in one of the house decisions. This makes Precious very emotional and was a bit of a stretch for Nichole to present to her. Sarah keeps things a little more carefree and fills the wedding plans with all of Alex and Precious’ favorite things. Cigars on behalf of Alex’s father are a thoughtful memorial, and Precious gets her fountain with ranch dressing. The wedding was a good and satisfying choice for the couple in this case.

9 Mortgage: Nick & Denise

Denise and Nick embrace in the emotional moment of marriage or mortgage, Nichole in the background

“It opens the door to the next chapter, it gives someone else a gift.” These are the words Denise says when she and Nick choose the dream home Nichole showed them. Sarah definitely pulled a few strings to make Denise and Nick Graceland / Elvis wedding a viable option. Nichole won, however, by adding family touches to a lovely home, including a bedroom set up for Nick’s daughter, Tatum. In the end, Nick and Denise get the best of both worlds by using their hard earned $ 25,000 down payment on their home. They took out a mortgage and that is exactly what they should have done.

8th Married: Alex & Hayley

Andrew and Hayley wear flower crowns and smile at marriage or mortgage

Alex and Hayley specifically plan to live in West Nashville, but the church couple’s situation is unusual. They made the decision to wait for physical intimacy to get married, but they still share a living space. For Alex and Hayley, living together means that someone has to go out every night and “crash with a friend”!

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If the two decide to move on with this arrangement after buying a home, viewers will surely wonder why they didn’t get married instead. Hayley and Alex want enough space to hold their Bible studies, but it seems strange and uncomfortable that one of them is forced to leave their brand new house every night. The couple should have got married, so it’s good that They married about seven months after they moved in.

7th Pledged: Cindy & Karla

Cindy and Karla make the decision to continue the wedding Sarah has planned for them. Their reasons are admirable as they try to model the power of all love. Your wedding ceremony is touching and your reception is lively, but there is one big problem. Karla and Cindy were looking for a new home in order to be able to leave the house, Karla and her ex-wife shared once. There is something special about seeing Pastor Cindy sitting at a desk in her new home office, and the new beginning of a new room seems so right for her and Karla. They should have left with the perfect home for her, but instead they kept saving up for their dream home after the wedding.

6th Married: Whitney & Alex

Marriage or Mortgage Alex Whitney in wedding dresses

It’s adorable to see Whitney and Alex carry their cat Georgie around every home they visit. Nichole promises that she will deliver the bathtub of Alex’s dreams, but Sarah has some tricks up her sleeve as well. The wedding planner takes Alex and Whitney with him to a divine clothes shop, and she puts them together with a new photographer after learning they’ve had bad experiences with one before.

The test photo shoot is a blast and it’s clear the women would have a ball at their wedding. While they want a family and a home, they also deserve a special wedding anniversary and it’s great that they choose to do in the end.

5 Mortgage: Scott & Brittany

Marriage or mortgage Brittany Scott

Scott is in the army and preparing to deploy. That is why he and Brittany are looking for a house that is close to the Brittany family. Brittany sees it as important to have a safe and stable habitat, but She also wants a Cinderella wedding. Sarah delivers the vision of the princess with a dance lesson and a sample car (and a Rolls Royce), but Nichole makes even more of an impression. When she struggles to complete all of the items on Brittany and Scott’s wish list, Nichole shows them a piece of land to build their home on forever. in the Marriage or mortgage In fashion, Nichole put a stone in the grass on which the late Brittany grandfather stands about the family. By the end of the episode, Scott and Brittany are already in the house they built and they made the right decision. Fans might like to know, however They decided to get involved in a wedding too.

4th Married: Braxton & Emily

Marriage or mortgage

Braxton and Emily each live with their parents. They are trying to decide whether to buy a house together or to tie the knot first. You have some special requests like a high pressure shower that Braxton can spend a lot of time in. Nichole meets the opportunity and shows the couple some good options. Sarah also goes out on everything from diamond rings for the bride and groom to a donut wall for the wedding reception. Emily and Braxton decide on a wedding at the end of the day. With the amazing discounts Sarah gave them, the couple made a wise decision despite living separately for a while. They moved into an apartment together shortly after filming Marriage or mortgage.

3 Pledged: Eli & Sarah

Marriage or Mortgage Sarah Eli

When it looks like Nichole showed Sarah and Eli that the dream home was going to fail, they are more motivated to make a marriage decision. As great as the job Sarah, the wedding planner, is doing for the young couple with a moonlight tasting, a Nashville barbecue, and a helicopter ride, in the end the wedding isn’t the right choice.

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Nichole and Sarah surprise Eli and Sarah the day after the young couple decided on a wedding. It turns out that the dream home came through, so Sarah and Eli are making a wise choice by putting their money on it. Unfortunately it looks like this Eli and Sarah may not be together anymore.

2 Married: Evan & Liz

Marriage or Mortgage Liz Evans

Sarah sums up the Nashville lifestyle and introduces it to Liz and Evan in all aspects of wedding planning – including a stop at a food truck that serves classic Mediterranean dishes. Nichole tries to convince her to make a solid investment in a home. He wows Liz with a walk-in closet, but also introduces the reality of additional costs, like restoring a fence for more privacy. Liz and Evan are choosing their dream wedding, which was a good choice, despite the fact that the day has been changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The wedding was smart in the long run because Evan and Liz had more time to figure out what they wanted in a house.

1 Pledged: Antonio & Raven

Marriage or mortgage raven Antonio

Antonio and Raven fell in love in college and have two young sons. The family wants to get out of their small apartment and find a home that suits their needs. Nichole offers additional space and even stages a beautiful space in which Raven can call himself.

Sarah ultimately wins the show by helping Antonio and Raven imagine their dream wedding and after all these years together they decide to get married. Viewers can understand this choice, but Raven and Antonio also deserve a comfortable home for their family. You should have opted for a mortgage, especially since they ended up ending put their wedding on hold due to COVID-19.

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