August 5, 2021

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AIME Celebration of Broker Channel Growth Throughout July to Culminate With 4th Annual National Mortgage Brokers Day

PHILADELPHIA–() – The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), a not-for-profit, national industry association founded exclusively for independent mortgage brokers, is celebrating its fourth year National Mortgage Brokers Day (NMBD) As in previous years, AIME will host numerous member-oriented events throughout the month of July to promote the wholesale channel and educate consumers about the benefits of working with an independent mortgage broker, including regional happy hours, interactive live streams and exclusive ones Gifts. The month-long campaign will culminate with Lawyers’ Day on Sunday, July 18 to recognize the expertise of the mortgage broker community and to celebrate the explosive growth and advances that independent mortgage brokers have made in not only the mortgage industry but home ownership as well Buyers.

“The broker channel has seen significant growth over the past year and is on track to exceed 25% market share by 2021 and beyond thanks to the expertise our community demonstrates every day,” said Katie Sweeney. CEO of AIME. “AIME is committed to growing the wholesale channel and year-round dedicated to supporting mortgage brokers through educational initiatives that empower our community. In doing so, all mortgage professionals, including retail lenders, will understand why joining the brokerage community is a better option not only for their careers, but also for their communities and homebuyers, and firmly position brokers as invaluable experts in the field Home financing that are without a doubt the best option for homeowners. ”

AIME will be with for a week regional happy hour events across the country to meet with members and acknowledge the progress made over the past four years, especially 2020. These happy hours are an opportunity for brokers to reflect on the major achievements of the wholesale channel and to stand up for the community as they are uniquely equipped to provide more personalized service, optional loans, competitive rates, better rates and faster deals to potential home buyers.

“Our association is thrilled to be able to meet with members of our community to celebrate the significant contribution they have made to the mortgage industry,” said Brendan McKay, president of Broker Advocacy. “The broker channel is displayed daily to their consumers, their team members, their real estate partners and this community. We are proving day in and day out that brokers are better and we intend to use July as another opportunity to share this with the rest of the industry.

AIME will raise awareness during the month-long celebration of National Mortgage Brokers Day by highlighting the strategic actions the association has taken through a variety of membership-driven achievements over the past year and the internal growth of the AIME community as well highlight as the external success of the wholesale channel in the industry.

AIME will host weekly interactive live streams to enhance its newly formed member committees to address brokerage concerns and create action plans that are critical to the channel’s long-term success. The creation of these membership committees will strengthen AIME’s mission to protect and support its members in the independent mortgage broker community and activate a number of AIME’s new initiatives.

“On National Mortgage Brokers Day, AIME will provide resources to our members to drive educational growth in the channel, present themselves as local mortgage professionals in their communities, and perform their jobs as mortgage professionals at the highest level,” said Marc Summers, President of AIME . “This focus is intended to show the many ways that independent mortgage brokers are adding value to the property buying process, including the ability to offer various loan options, affordable interest rates, efficient deals and excellent customer service in their own community.”

Mortgage brokers across the country are poised to reach even greater heights in today’s purchase-centric mortgage environment already defined by competitive mortgage rates and digital disruption. Brokers must continue to leverage all of the resources provided by this month-long membership support campaign to hit the moment and continue the growth of the wholesale channel.

Via the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts

The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) is a not-for-profit, national industry association founded exclusively for independent mortgage brokers. With over 40,000 members, AIME is committed to building a community of independent mortgage professionals by creating an association that will provide them with the unparalleled technology, education and networking support necessary to successfully advise consumers across the country on their residential mortgage needs. AIME is pursuing a growth strategy, providing tools and resources to grow the wholesale channel beyond 25% of the mortgage market in 2021 and beyond.

For more information on the benefits of becoming an AIME member, as well as wholesale lenders and sellers interested in helping AIME, please visit