September 19, 2021

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Another Decent Day For Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates I have been trying to find an upper limit for the past 3 weeks after climbing at the fastest pace in years. That search appeared to be going well until late last week, when rates didn’t dip below the bottom, blocking other recent attempts at progress. The situation worsened earlier this week as the average lender returned to Tuesday’s long-term highs. We paused after that, with the average lender showing modest improvements yesterday and today.

How much improvement?

Prepare to be under-challenged. It is much easier these days to think of wins as “lack of an extra loss” and today this is no exception. The average lender is still reporting the same interest rates that were seen two days ago. Why am I telling you the prices are a little better? The answer has to do with that two Types of Interest Rates in the Mortgage Market. Most of the time, when people talk or think about their mortgage rate, it is referring to that NOTE rate (the actual interest rate applied to the principal amount of their loan).

Note, however, that the principal amount of the loan will vary based on the closing costs. For example, in a hypothetical scenario where the lender is not accumulating “points”, you can choose between a 3.5% interest rate and a 3.25% interest rate in a scenario where you are paying approximately 1% of the loan amount in Points. One way or another the lender makes his money and you pay interest one way or another. One way is ahead. The other is over time. We use the term “effective rate” refer to both types of scenarios at the same time.

The just catch is that mortgage lenders change interest rates infrequently enough for interest rates to change (since interest rates are usually broken up in 0.125% increments, and that’s a really big step for a single day). Instead, the upfront costs change more precisely from day to day. Simply put:

“lower effective interest rates” = “unchanged interest rate” + “lower up-front costs”

That’s the equation that explains the decline in rates over the past 2 days. And as I said, it is disappointing, with the average lender just need 0.1 points less in advance than yesterday (aka $ 100 per $ 100,000). That makes it one of the smaller daily steps in 2021, but it’s one of the few that has gone in the right direction.

By and large brings April At least some hope that the rising interest rate trend of 2021 has caused enough damage to have to cool off a bit. Please understand that this is far from a guarantee or a forecast – simply a hope shared by the mortgage community after 4 months of rapidly rising interest rates. In the short term, tomorrow could be a volatile day for better or worse as the big jobs report is released in the morning. Even if the bond market (which determines interest rate dynamics) has not been keen to react to economic data in the normal way recently, the job report can always surprise (especially the trading day is always at risk of volatility). regardless of the result of the report itself). Translation: We are still defensive on additional spikes, although we keep our fingers crossed for relief.