August 5, 2021

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ARC Partners Acquires $159M Mortgage Judgment Of Premier Poconos Land | News

MIAMI, March 31, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – ARC partner, a MiamiThe real estate-oriented private acquisition company is further expanding its portfolio with a $ 159 million Acquiring a Mortgage Order in Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania. The Highland Village in the Pocono Mountains was hit by the recession and was sealed off. The deal diversifies ARC Partner’s portfolio, including investments in The United States, Panama, Colombia, India, Nigeria, and the Caribbean.

Highland Village has 5,318 mixed density condominium units, a retail master plan and an 18-hole golf course. It consists of 2,335 acres of land and two separate 50 acre lakes.

“ARC Partners is growing in a new way,” stated John Olsen, managing partner of ARC Partners. “Highland Village is an exciting next step and offers many opportunities in a market that has changed dramatically – and in some ways permanently – due to the pandemic.”

ARC partners determine the direction of the project after foreclosure. Options include selling Highland Village or creating a joint venture structure with a national construction company. ARC is currently in discussion with a development team.

“This is an attractive and timely acquisition,” added Olsen. “The pandemic shifted interest from shoppers as they moved New York City. Highland Village adapts to drastic market changes but is still advantageously close by new York. It’s a “best of both worlds” scenario. “

Last year, ARC Partners made headlines with the acquisition of the W Hotel Bogota, which it closed on the side South Florida-based Ithaca capital. The transaction served as a continuation of ARC’s interest in Central and South America. The company, which has historically focused on first and second liens on commercial and residential real estate, continues to pursue opportunities around the world.

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ARC is a private equity firm of John Olsen and David Gordon. With a flexible investment approach, the company focuses on non-traditional asset classes as well as first and second liens for commercial and residential real estate. ARC Partners is headquartered in Miami, Floridaand also has a team in Panama city, Panama.

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