April 17, 2021

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Ashley HomeStore Helps Make New Home For Disabled Veteran

WOODBURY, MN – Ashley Homestore in Woodbury helped find a home for a disabled veteran and his family, the store press release said.

The store’s manager, Susan Jacquart, knew she had to help as soon as she heard about the project, the store said.

U.S. Army specialist John Mullen and his family will be moving into a purpose-built, mortgage-free smart home, the store said.

The store said Mullen lost both legs below the knee when he stepped on a pressure plate IED while on foot patrol in Afghanistan in 2011 and smashed his right arm, leaving only partial use of his right hand.

Furniture Mart USA, the parent company of Ashley Homestore in Woodbury, provided furniture and design support throughout the home.

This project is run through the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, which has provided hundreds of mortgage-free homes to families of fallen first responders and military personnel across the United States.

The foundation turned to Jacquart, who was happy to help, the store announced.

“We have a strong sense of service and philanthropy at the center of everything we do,” said Jacquart. “This project was an opportunity for our entire team to share our time, talent, and resources in transforming this house into a new home for a remarkable hero and his young family. It was an honor to show our appreciation to show.”