July 31, 2021

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Better.com announces partnership with Google

Online mortgage lender Better.com today announced a partnership with Google. This has something to do with increasing the number of employees.

The digital mortgage The company has committed to recruiting at least 2,000 Google Career Certificate graduates over the next three years through partnering with Merit America, a nonprofit that provides employment opportunities to Americans without a bachelor’s degree.

Sarah Pierce, operations manager at Better.com, said the partnership allows Better.com “to look beyond college degrees to ensure we find bright, hardworking talent from all walks of life.” Google’s career certificate program offers training, tools and expertise in high-growth professional fields such as user experience design, project management and data analysis. Together, the fields have over 1 million open positions nationwide with an average starting salary of $ 69,000.

“As Better.com scales, we continue to strive to provide opportunities for talent that are very busy and traditionally underrepresented, including targeted recruitment efforts against veterans and laid-off hospitality workers,” said Pierce. “Last year at Better we increased our workforce from around a thousand to more than 6,000, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.”

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“We’re thrilled to have Better.com join the Google Career Certificates employer consortium,” said Lisa Gevelber, vice president of Grow, Google’s $ 1 billion initiative to create business opportunity for all. “Your commitment to recruiting at least 2,000 program graduates over a three-year period will change lives and help overcome barriers for underserved talent to enter areas in demand.”