September 19, 2021

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Brian Montgomery, former HUD No. 2, rejoins Radian’s board

Brian Montgomery, the former No. 2 officer in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has returned as a director of the Radian Group.

He became director again on June 7th when Radian’s board of directors voted to increase the membership by one and nominated him as the seat.

Between 2012 and 2017, prior to a second round as Federal Housing Commissioner – overseeing Radian’s government-run competitor – Montgomery was on the board of directors of the private mortgage insurer.

“Brian’s tremendous expertise and ingenuity have been of great value to the HUD, and so has his return to the Radian board,” Radian chairman Herb Wender said in a press release.

Brian Montgomery


After serving as Assistant Assistant to Former President George W. Bush, Montgomery was confirmed by the US Senate as Federal Housing Commissioner in June 2005, a position he held for four years, including the first six months the Obama administration.

Later in 2009, Montgomery and former Ginnie Mae President Joe Murin founded a consulting firm that the Collingswood group. In May 2012, Montgomery was thenmer elected by Radian shareholders to the company’s board of directors.

He stayed with Collingswood and followed his purchase of what is now called SitusAMC in 2017. Later that year he was nominated by President Trump to return to the top job at the FHA, but the Senate did not approve Montgomery until May 2018 when some Democrats protested his ties to the mortgage industry when he was in Collingswood.

After he was nominated, Montgomery left Collingswood and the Radian board of directors.

In October 2019, after working as Deputy HUD Secretary then-President Donald Trump officially nominated Montgomery for the post since Pam Patenaude’s resignation in January, but it was not confirmed until May 2020. He resigned on January 20, 2021 when President Joe Biden was inaugurated.