September 19, 2021

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Canton family warns home buyers not to skip inspection

CANTON, Ohio (WOIO) – A canton woman said she and her family had always dreamed of owning a home. Now that they do, their dream is to move out now.

“From the first day I moved in here, literally everything started to fall apart,” Desiree Davis told 19 News.

Buying a house was stressful enough for Davis and her family. In the highly competitive housing market, she found that bid after bid was neglected. Having an FHA loan made it hard to compete against buyers paying for everything in cash or those with a traditional mortgage.

“So I wonder what do I have to do to get a house? So I skipped my inspection, ”she said.

It’s a bold move. However, that doesn’t preclude an FHA assessment, which should include health and safety inspections and require repairs before the home is sold.

Davis has her doubts that the process was carried out correctly.

“I can’t wash the dishes. You operate the kitchen sink and you hear the water rush through the basement, ”said Davis, who demonstrated the problem to 19 troubleshooters while also showing the sewage lining their basement floor.

Davis said the seller promised to fix some of the issues, but no repairs have been made so far.

“He said he didn’t want to sell us a lemon,” said David.

19 troubleshooters reached out to the seller and left a message. We are waiting to hear from him. We also reached out to the seller’s real estate agent who confirmed that repairs had been promised at one point but could not speak on behalf of the seller to provide an update.

Davis said she hoped her home problems were resolved but wanted to warn other home buyers. “Just be aware, get inspections done,” she said.

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