September 17, 2021

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CEO on launching a lifestyle-led real estate show

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Speaking to MPA, he said: “People will go to Volo to learn about neighborhoods through storytelling. We believe videos sell better than pictures, and we believe that buying property is not just about location, it’s about lifestyle.

He said there is a need for a real estate fair that provides more than simple details about properties and listings.

He said, “There are an amazing number of people who have bought houses in the last year without even looking at the property. The only way to find out about a place is to go to Zillow or Redfin where you will see stats, property value and some pictures but that doesn’t tell me much about the place.

“Where are you actually looking for videos about lifestyles, neighborhoods and culture? It doesn’t exist – that’s what’s missing out there for me right now, ”he said.