July 31, 2021

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Corning women apply torch to mortgage on club house – Red Bluff Daily News

The nineteenth annual meeting of the California Association of Northern District Women’s Clubs, which concluded last night in Corning, is voted one of the most successful in the organization’s history.

While the program was of exceptional value, much of the convention’s success can be attributed to the efforts of the Corning people, who united in welcoming and entertaining the hundreds of delegates present. They were celebrated and entertained and made to feel welcome in every way known to the hospitable Corning people.

One of the happiest events of the three day session, as far as the Corning people were concerned, came at the conclusion of the three day program and after the convention was adjourned. This was an informal ceremony at the Corning Women’s Clubhouse that saw the mortgage burned, indicating that the debt burden has been lifted and the women are out of the wild.

Richard Fripp officiated and used the torch after making appropriate comments about the life and activities of the Corning clubwomen. The clubhouse was full of women who were present during the convention and had accepted an invitation to visit the new quarters and have tea.

– April 8, 1921