September 28, 2021

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COVID-19 vaccines – should they be mandatory for mortgage brokers?

Most brokers who were asked for their opinion told the MPA that they were in favor of the vaccine, while only one broker openly asked people / staff to get the sting – although in some cases at least two brokers were directly affected by the virus Path.

Owner broker Patrick Stoy, who employs 20 people at his Wilmington-based company MC Mortgage Group, admitted he was struggling with COVID as the virus eventually struck nearly half of his workforce.

He said, “It’s the hardest part right now because you can’t force them (the staff) to vaccinate. Half of our people have been vaccinated and the other half haven’t yet.

“That causes problems because now that things have opened up again, they travel, go away for a week and then get COVID. And then they are still outside for 10 days.

“We have fought tremendously over the past three weeks. We have lost a lot of production and unfortunately our customer service is suffering – and that is our top priority. “