April 17, 2021

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Craven County real estate market grows with listing and price increase

Craven County’s residential real estate data for February continues to show a strong market with rising sales, including listings and sales prices.

This home in Indian Hills, Havelock awaits new owners.  Listing and selling prices rose rapidly between January and last month.

John Vesco, RE / MAX Homestead Havelock Realtor / Owner and Retired Marine, has been in real estate for 21 years. Homes in the Havelock area have sold very well and the low mortgage rates remain. He said that low inventory levels have resulted in building materials for new buildings nearly doubling. A seller’s market goes on.

“It’s a hot market for affordable homes under $ 200,000, you can’t keep them in the market,” said Vesco.

However, according to Vesco, more expensive homes are not as easy to move as fewer people are eligible for a loan. He added that cheaper homes – if they are in good shape – won’t stay around for long.