September 19, 2021

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David taking on Goliath? AmeriSave bids for top spot

“We knew we had to have the technology to support the lowest cost structure and still deliver and deliver on the promises we wanted to make to our brokers. We process our services within seven days, send loan documents to our brokers within seven hours and draw guaranteed loans within seven hours. “

He said initial feedback after launching June 14th was “phenomenal” with more than $ 600 million already in the pipeline.

Berte cited two of AmeriSave’s flagship products – Lock and Shop and the certified letter of approval – as prime examples of how the company has used technology to drive business forward.

“The technology is smooth and allows customers to shop with confidence,” he said.

Founded in 2002, the company recently opened 18 new stores and decided to build a traditional retail business as well. Not satisfied with that, the private lender has also diversified into insurance, real estate and even founded a solar division. “We have a lot of irons in the fire to win customers,” admitted Berte.