July 31, 2021

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Do I need photo ID to be vaccinated DC Virginia Maryland? 2021

Many social media posts state that you need to have your driver’s license or photo ID on hand to take your shot. Is that true?

Do you need photo identification such as a driver’s license to get vaccinated in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area?

DC, MD, and VA ministries of health

While you don’t need photo ID to get vaccinated in DC, Maryland, or Virginia, the experts we spoke to provided some additional tips to help make your appointment go more smoothly.

DC’s Department of Health asked our researchers to bring your confirmation code and / or the QR code that you received when you made the appointment.

They also say it’s a good idea to bring your insurance card if you have one. Bringing personal ID is a good idea, but it doesn’t have to be a government-issued photo ID.

For eligible DC residents, this would be official government mail recently addressed to you, e.g. E.g. an electricity or medical bill with your name and address, a mortgage, a deed or a rental agreement that has not expired.

For further help, you can use the DMV proof of residence as a guide.

For non-DC residents who are eligible workers, bring something with your name that shows where you work in DC. This can be a letter from your employer, a work card or a pay slip.

Maryland’s Department of Health According to vaccine providers, reasonable steps must be taken to determine whether you are qualified to include the vaccine in the current stages and priority groups.

Officials would not give us examples of documents that would serve as evidence of your eligibility as they are not on the list State bulletin. However, they found that vaccine providers must apply the same rules to everyone and cannot refuse to vaccinate someone based on their citizenship or immigration status.

If you are eligible and show up at a government bulk vaccination center without proper documentation, don’t worry: you will be asked to fill out one statutory declaration and then you can get vaccinated.

The Virginia Department of Health Photo identification is not required, but it does say you must bring something with your name and date of birth so that they can confirm that they are vaccinating the right person.

So you don’t need photo ID to get a vaccine here at the DMV, but you may be asked to provide documents depending on where you get your shot.

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