September 19, 2021

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Editorial: Virginia should focus on ‘the exodus counties’ | Editorial

However, we all know one thing that has increased during the pandemic: remote working. Without a strong internet, however, this is not possible.

The rural broadband problem confuses some conservatives because it requires more government intervention than they prefer. We understand their philosophical reluctance. However, here’s the practicality that nobody’s ideology cares about: we’ve heard stories from people in rural areas who moved and had problems selling their homes because the internet wasn’t good enough for potential buyers.

3. The Exodus counties. In many places, the main reason a county has lost population is because the death rate exceeds the birth rate so much that net immigration cannot make the difference. Neither government can do much against the former.

However, Virginia has 18 locations where the main reason the population is falling is simply because so many people are moving out. Two of these are towns in Hampton Roads that are otherwise increasing in population – Hampton and Portsmouth. The rest are rural counties.

With the exception of Essex County on the central peninsula, all others are either in Southside (Amherst, Braunschweig, Charlotte, Cumberland, Emporia, Greensville, Lunenburg, Southampton, Surry) or in the southwest (Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Tazewell). all coal circles).