May 18, 2021

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Editorial: Virginia will pay you to move to Southside or Southwest. (Some restrictions apply) | Editorial

In contrast, the Tobacco Commission program is aimed at precisely these types of Virginia counties.

The Tobacco Commission’s program also targets a different group of workers than those that West Virginia aspires to.

In particular, the Virginia Tobacco Commission is targeting seven specific professions the region desperately needs: 1. Public school teachers in science, math, technology / computer science, or vocational and technical education. 2. Special education teachers in public schools. 3. Speech pathologists. 4. Physiotherapist. 5. Occupational therapists. 6. Industrial or electrical engineers. 7. Analysts for information security, network or computer systems.

If you’ve graduated from any of these areas as of March 15, 2019, you’re eligible. The Deal: Get a job on the Southside or Southwest Tobacco Commission and agree to live there for two years at club, junior league, PTA, local government civic committee, local fire / emergency services, food banks, youth sports coach, etc. with an annual commitment of at least 50 hours. “

If you do, the Tobacco Commission will help you repay some of your student loans. The commission pays up to $ 12,000 annually on student loans for two years, with the potential to extend for an additional two years. That makes Virginia’s program potentially more lucrative than what other places do – it could pay up to $ 48,000 in student loan debt.