April 17, 2021

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Everything to Know About Braxton & Emily

Braxton and Emily of Marriage or Mortgage had to choose between the big wedding Emily dreamed of and a new home. What did this couple do?

On the surface, Netflix Marriage or mortgage isn’t a nervous series, but the Netflix show has a dark side. In the reality series, a wedding planner and a real estate agent compete against each other. You are competing for a couple’s business. The wedding planner seduces a couple with a great wedding plan, while the real estate agent Nichole Holmes (who regrets their own big wedding) want the duo to choose a home. With couples unable to afford both, the show seems to underscore the end of the American dream. Fortunately, young and happy couples like Braxton and Emily brighten the atmosphere.

Braxton and Emily are in their early twenties and in love. Although they are young, they have a long history. Braxton and Emily met in high school, but Braxton was stuck in the friend zone. Emily, who is now a personal trainer, said she didn’t know what really happened, but one day it was like flipping a light switch. Then she realized that he had been there for her all along.

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Basketball coach Braxton was ready to move into a new house and raise a family with his young bride. He also wanted a bathroom shower “designed by God himself.“That’s because he apparently spends over 45 minutes in the shower every morning to prepare for the next day. He’s even stretching and drinking a protein shake! Emily, however, dreamed of a big and lavish wedding.” have (the kind that is) Wedding guru Sarah Miller loves to plan) since she was about ten years old. Her parents had a big wedding and she wanted to follow in their footsteps. The couple had to choose between a big wedding (and living together with Braxton’s mother and stepfather) or postponing the wedding and buying a house.

The couple received a gift of $ 30,000 from their parents. While they were certainly influenced by the beautiful house that Nashville’s best realtor Nichole had presented them, they did not buy the house. Like Cindy and Karla Marriage or mortgageIn the end, they decided on a wedding. Braxton and Emily went for Sarah Miller’s imaginative, Mediterranean-inspired barn-style wedding with a green and white color scheme. The wedding plan included a donut wall and an ice sculpture that doubled as a bar.

Although the couple’s wedding was planned in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, they carried on with their plans. The couple married on July 16, 2020. According to their wedding video, the event was big and seemingly exposed. There was a pretty loud party too.

These days, Braxton is still training basketball. He started his own coaching company, Glory2God Basketball Training. He also sells skin care products through Rodan + Fields. Emily is still a personal trainer. It looks like they moved into their own cozy little apartment. The Married or Mortgage Couple got what they wanted with nothing in the way … not even a global pandemic!

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