September 17, 2021

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Family Relief funding available for Fairmont residents

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Some Fairmont residents are eligible for relief funding. Tygart Valley United Way Cares (CDGG) funds can be used by Fairmont residents who are unable to pay costs due to COVID-19.

Rent, mortgage, or utilities can be covered for up to $ 2,000 per household.

Applicants must be based in Fairmont, financially affected by COVID-19, and their gross income must be at or below 80% of the area’s median income guidelines.

The information requested from the applicant is:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • address
  • Current phone number
  • Email-address
  • A rental agreement with a third-party document that can be used to verify residence (e.g. utility bill, canceled check with address, payment slip or ID with current home address).
Fairmont Family Relief Fund Income Policy

Other information needed to complete the application includes information from the landlord or mortgage company, information about the utility company, and the current payment for rent or mortgage, and amounts overdue with documentation.

Dropbox for Fairmont Family Fund applications

Other members of the household must provide:

  • Sources and amounts of gross income
  • Pay stub (s) that cover at least the last 8 weeks
  • Tax return 2019.
  • Self-certification for unemployment and disability benefits only. (Will be made available if required)
  • Payments in lieu of unemployment and disability benefits, employee compensation and severance pay, and similar payments in lieu of income.
  • Proof of performance by the agency OR a one-month account statement with evidence of the payment (s) made by the agency. Note: Unemployment benefits should only be included for the period for which the applicant is actually entitled to these benefits.
  • Profit and Loss Account of the Asset. (Will be provided)

The program is first come first serve for up to 50 households.

“Last year has been tough for everyone,” said Chris Yost, program manager. “Our United Path has never looked at direct financial support like this before. We are doing this program because we can see how great the need is. We know that people are behind on their rent, their water bills, their electricity bills and we want to be able to help them. So we branch out outside of what we normally do to help them directly. So we know that this is a great need in our church. ”

You can find the application on the Tygart Valley United Way website.