September 19, 2021

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Fannie Mae selects new head of single-family business

Fannie Mae Single-Family has announced that Malloy Evans, previously Chief Credit Officer for the division, has been promoted to Executive Vice President and Head of Single-Family.

Effective immediately, Evans will lead the team responsible for setting standards for single-family home mortgages from Fannie Mae. He Successor to Andrew Bon Sallewho left in December. Evans has been with the government sponsored organization for 17 years and has held various roles.

In his role as chief credit officer, Evans oversaw the first-line credit risk on acquiring mortgages through sale. He also led the establishment of sales and service risk policies and eligibility standards for the loans acquired by Fannie Mae.

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“Malloy brings impressive qualifications and in-depth knowledge of our family business and Fannie Mae, from risk management to credit policy to maintenance and damage mitigation. He has a mission-first mindset that embodies our corporate values ​​and a strong commitment to serving home buyers and lenders while keeping the home finance industry safe and sound, ”said David Benson, President of Fannie Mae.

“For more than a decade, I’ve seen the Fannie Mae family team consistently prioritize sustainable and affordable home ownership, especially last year when we were homeowners during COVID-19 and most recently with our announcement of a new refinancing option to low-income families to help, ”said Evans. “I am proud of our commitment to bringing sustainable home ownership to people across America, and I look forward to running our single-family business as we continue to build on these advances.”