May 16, 2021

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Few sellers, surplus of buyers

Frank Ammons and his wife Mary were surrounded by unwrapped moving boxes in a hallway of their new South Lakeland home on Friday.  The family, formerly from Plant City, moved into the house two weeks ago.

If Frank Ammons could sum up his search for the perfect Lakeland home in one word, it would be “aggressive”.

Ammons, 38, and his wife Mary, 28, looked at four houses in Lakeland that were torn from the market before saying “Mine!” Could say.

“We were very aggressive,” said Ammons. “We’d look at the house, we’d love the house, we’d say we’d make an offer on the house, our agent would turn around and make an offer – and there have been offers,” said Ammons.

Lakeland is a microcosm of a national trend: it is undoubtedly a sellers’ market. In Swan City, demand is high and inventory is low, making the process of finding evacuators like Ammons difficult.