September 19, 2021

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Fewer homeowners are behind on mortgages than in summer

As the economy retreats from the chaos of the pandemic, the proportion of southern Nevada homeowners who are months behind on their mortgage payments is also improving.

An estimated 5.93 percent of home loans in the Las Vegas area were at least 90 days past due in January, up from a recent high of 6.58 percent in August after the coronavirus outbreak weighed on daily life, according to real estate tracker CoreLogic.

Nationwide, payments for 3.76 percent of mortgages were delayed by at least three months in January compared with 4.26 percent in August, the research company reported.

The real estate market in southern Nevada has been in a record phase of record prices and for months increasing salesThis is in large part thanks to the rock bottom mortgage rates, which have allowed people to make lower monthly payments and stretch their budgets, resulting in a Buy frenzy.

But the local economy as a whole was devastated by the pandemic as it was heavily reliant on tourism and more homeowners fell back on their mortgages amid steep job losses.

The percentage of criminal borrowers in Las Vegas is still higher than it was before the public health crisis, but it is falling how people are vaccinated and the battered economy finds a foothold again.

Crime rates are falling in many cities and appear to be shrinking slightly faster in southern Nevada than in other markets, CoreLogic’s deputy chief economist Selma Hepp told the review journal on Tuesday.

She said the improvement is tied to the economy as many people have returned to work since last year’s stalemate. However, she also noted that this could be due in part to criminal borrowers selling their homes, thereby preventing them from being counted with other overdue mortgage holders.

The unemployment rate in Las Vegas was just 3.9 percent early last year, but rose to 34 percent last April according to Governor Steve Sisolak ordered casinos and other businesses in Nevada closed to contain the spread of the virus. Last month it was only 8.8 percent, state officials reported on Tuesday.

Amid the turmoil, ordered by the government Foreclosure moratoria have helped keep people in their homes and borrowers have been able to sign up for so-called forbearance programs to temporarily stop or lower their mortgage payments.

Early last year, before the pandemic broke out, only around 1.25 percent of home loans in the Las Vegas area were delayed by at least 90 days, according to CoreLogic. Despite the recent higher crime rates, there is a far larger percentage of homeowners fell back on their payments About a decade ago, after the Las Vegas real estate market collapsed after it collapsed wild mid-2000s bladder.

On-site, 19.4 percent of mortgages were at least 90 days overdue in 2010, up from just 0.6 percent in 2006, CoreLogic previously reported.

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