October 24, 2021

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First-time buyer mortgage deals are back — that doesn’t mean you’ll get one | News

The 95 percent return on mortgages is the kick-start Zoë Cantley needs to be able to afford her first apartment.

Cantley, 27, a writer and producer from Poole, Dorset, saved £ 20,000 in the pandemic after moving in with her mother Anne when she was forced to work from home last March. She plans to stay there until she can buy a property near her office in central London.

“Not paying the rent changed the game,” says Zoë, ending a £ 750 a month flat share contract in Bow, east London, in August.

“I hope to double my deposit by the end of the year and find out about mortgages in the meantime.”

But Cantley might be disappointed if she hopes to catch one