May 18, 2021

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Frase’s service has national reach | Wednesday’s Woman

Beverly Frase of Elizabethtown is committed to serving active service members, veterans, and military families across the country through her nonprofit, Boots Across America.

Drawing on her background as a loan officer and real estate agent, Frase founded Boots Across America in 2012. Frase was born in Louisville and raised primarily in Rineyville. She was married to a member of the military for 37 years.

Boots Across America utilizes a network of professionals and volunteers from the United States and provides educational programs for lenders, real estate professionals, housing consultants, and other housing professionals to better serve military families.

“My main reason for doing this was so that lenders and brokers could bring military families into homes they could afford,” Frase said.

One of the key components of Boots Across America is the Certified Military Home Specialist Course. Over the years, Frase has taught the course to members of many organizations and federal departments, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Freddie Mac Borrower Help Centers, and the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counsel.

Boots Across America not only offers courses through personal engagement, but also web conferences and online courses for customers.

The Certified Military Home Specialist Course has been featured in several publications, e.g. National Mortgage Professional Magazine and American banker.

So far, Frase said she has trained more than 16,000 people from around the nation and beyond through her nonprofit organization. While that may seem like a big impact, Frase said her job is far from over.

“The first time I got my real estate license and started listing properties, many of the list sheets said ‘No VA Loans’ and I was offended,” Frase said. “… I thought ‘Well why?’ And then I found out that many do not understand them. Many do not know how to do it. And to this day they still do not know so much, such as the SCRA guidelines and benefits. “

Frase said that in many of today’s real estate markets, the services that Boots Across America provides are still vital. She said when military families are dealing with changes to duty stations, finding housing quickly is a top priority, a task that becomes much more difficult amid a salesman’s market.

“The way the market is now, it’s so fast and furious and things are going to be above price,” she said. “Our military are left behind because those who don’t understand how to make VA loans are just pulling them out of the pot.”

In addition to providing educational programs, Boots Across America also offers military veterans who address post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury by providing them with free service dogs. Working with a team in South Carolina, Frase said she has sponsored two veterans to date and is currently pursuing sponsorship opportunities for two more.

Frase said dogs are trained through the program for six months to recognize signs of stress and anxiety in order to provide comfort.

“They will do whatever they can to break this stress cycle and help PTSD and TBI,” she said.

In addition to her work with Boots Across America, Frase also works with the local ward Barry’s Mission, a weekly endeavor in which ward members visit local neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations to offer free pizza. Occasionally, clothing is provided as part of the program.

Frase said when she was handing out pizza to a neighborhood for a week, one woman said she was recently robbed and all of her food was taken away from home.

“She said,” If you hadn’t all come here today, I wouldn’t have dinner tonight, “she said.” … It’s a great blessing. And I think it blesses us even more than anyone else, to whom we give the pizza. “

When she’s not volunteering or working with her nonprofit, Frase enjoys spending time in the sky. She is a member of the Elizabethtown Chapter of the Civil Air Patrol and currently serves as a recruiting and retention officer.

Through her work with the Civil Air Patrol, Frase said she participated in search, rescue and disaster relief training missions.

Frase has also flown twice with the US Army Parachute Team, also known as the Golden Knights.

Between working with Boots Across America, Barry’s Mission, and the Civil Air Patrol, Frase said she had very little downtime. However, she said that this is a sacrifice worth making if it means helping people both locally and across the country.

“It’s really worth knowing that you are making a difference to people,” she said.