April 17, 2021

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Freedom Mortgage Becomes Nation’s Top VA and FHA Lender Through Commitment to Helping Veterans and Underserved Borrowers

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, March 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Liberty mortgageAccording to Inside Mortgage Finance magazine, one of the largest full-service mortgage companies in the country is the number one VA and FHA (federally insured) lender in the country, funding more VA and FHA loans than anyone in 2020 Lender.

Stanley C. Middleman, Founder and CEO of Freedom Mortgage, attributed the ranking to the company’s commitment to providing specialized expertise and support to help military borrowers and first-time buyers find the best mortgage option that fits their financial needs.

“Many Americans don’t realize that there are a multitude of government-sponsored loans they can use to finance their first home with very little to no down payment,” said Middleman. “It is an honor to help more homeowners with their VA or FHA loans than any other lender in the country.”

Inside Mortgage Finance has rated the top 100 mortgage companies in a number of categories since 1998. The total volume of each business includes purchase loans, refinancing loans with interest rate cut (IRRRLs), and refinancing loans for disbursements that have been granted over the past year.

In 2020, as interest rates fell to historic lows, Americans quickly took the opportunity to refinance or buy their first home through FHA and VA loans. Many service members, veterans, and low down payment borrowers took advantage of these government-offered loans to reduce their monthly payments or to use the equity in their home for purchases or to pay off debts.

“Low interest rates and restrictions due to the pandemic have encouraged many across the country to upgrade or enlarge their habitats,” Middleman said. “We want to help our many customers buy a home or expand their living space when they need it most.”

In the past year, Freedom Mortgage emerged as a whole $ 72 billion in VA loans and $ 35 billion in FHA loans. Compared to 2019, Freedom Mortgage loan volume increased 290 percent and FHA loan volume increased 120 percent for 2020.

In addition to providing home finance, Freedom Mortgage provides assistance to communities in need, serving members, veterans, and their families Team freedom cares, the company’s employee engagement and philanthropic program.

For more information on obtaining or refinancing an FHA loan, please visit www.freedommortgage.com/fha-loans. For more information on obtaining or refinancing a VA loan, please visit www.freedommortgage.com/va-loans.

About the Freedom Mortgage Corporation
Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Freedom Mortgage is a full service mortgage company that provides mortgage loan provision through retail, wholesale and correspondence channels. As one of the largest lenders and servicers in the country, the company is licensed in all 50 states District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Freedom Mortgage is the leading Inside Mortgage Finance (2020) VA and FHA lender in the United States and one of the USO’s largest philanthropic supporters in the mortgage industry Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. The company is also known for its vibrant work environment in which its team members can thrive. The company’s mission is to promote home ownership for all customers across America. For more information, please visit FreedomMortgage.com.

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