September 28, 2021

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Habitat for Humanity Canada appoints mortgage veteran to board of directors

Habitat for Humanity Canada Appoints Mortgage Veteran to Board of Directors

Veteran mortgage manager Imran Thaver is among the recent appointments to the National Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity Canada, confirmed during the organization’s virtual meeting on May 14th.

With over 16 years of industry experience as a mortgage and finance professional in Alberta, Thaver is currently the vice president of the Sagen Prairie region and vice chairman of Habitat for Humanity Edmonton.

“Imran has an astute understanding of the mortgage default risk market and is introducing affordable housing, equity landing and securitization,” said Habitat for Humanity in its announcement. “Prior to Sagen, Imran worked for HSBC Bank Canada for several years in the Business Development, Commercial Mid-Market and Premier Services Lending departments.”

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Among other connections and achievements, Thaver served on the advisory board for the Edmonton Expo 2017 offering and also held various roles for United Way. Its other key members include the Aga Khan Foundation, the Mortgage Loans Association of Alberta, the Ismaili Council for Edmonton, and the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association.

Marie Claire Uwanyirigira and Paul Mason were also re-elected as new national board members, while Susan Green and Brad Peters were re-elected for additional terms.

“I am delighted to welcome new and returning members to our national board of directors,” said Julia Deans, President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Canada. “The continuous diversification of our board of directors is a priority for our organization. By better reflecting the families and communities we serve in putting together habitat boards, we will improve our understanding of how we can best serve habitat families. “