September 26, 2021

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‘Home for Good,’ Habitat teach skills for successful homeownership

ROANOKE, Va. – WSLS 10 News’ latest Home for Good project launches this week in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in Roanoke Valley, generous sponsors and community volunteers as we work to build a home for a very deserving family in Roanoke Valley to build.

Joyce Williams sees the impact Habitat for Humanity is having on the lives of its homeowners. As Habitat’s Family Services Director, she guides them through every step of Habitat’s 18-month home ownership process.

“By the end of this partnership, I hope they will be knowledgeable home buyers and successful homeowners,” said Williams.

To achieve this, those interested in home ownership through Habitat must meet three main qualifications: need for housing, willingness to partner with Habitat, and solvency

“Everyone who comes through the program will have a mortgage, and the typical mortgage will be thirty years, but it is tailored for affordability,” said Williams.


Homeowners take monthly financial management courses and are matched with a mentor who can provide additional support. They also spend hundreds of hours of sweat capital building other habitat houses as well as their own.

“By the time you move in, you have had time to understand what it means to look after your home, how it works, and how it works,” said Brian Clark, Habitat’s director of construction.

Additionally, in a typical year, volunteers contribute more than 70% of the hours it takes to complete a home. This volunteer work helps Habitat uphold its mission of affordable housing and community building.

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