April 13, 2021

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Housing an issue in Salina community

Superior Exteriors builders are framing the exterior walls of one of the 34 homes sold in Phase 1 of the Stone Lake development area back in 2019.  Todd Welsh, Agent / Owner of SalinaHomes.com, told the Salina Economic Development Organization how homes are being built in Salina.
Salina Community Economic Development Organization Executive Director Mitch Robinson (left), with Salina Economic Development Organization members Lloyd Davidson, and John Gunn, take a look at the meeting's agenda, which includes a presentation by Todd Welsh on Salina living Included during the meeting at Salina Area Chamber of Commerce - Visit the Salina Annex on Thursday.
Salina Economic Development Organization member Jim Maes takes notes as guest speaker Todd Welsh explains the current Salina housing market during the meeting at the Salina Chamber of Commerce - Visit the Salina Annex on Thursday.

Housing is currently a complicated and important issue in Salina.

As companies like Kubota, Schwan’s, and others move or expand manufacturing and business in the community, new workers and their families need housing. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult given the current economic climate and other factors.

Todd Welsh, the owner and broker of SalinaHomes.com, spoke about the current situation and how the industry is dealing with it during the board meeting of the Salina Community Economic Development Organization (EDO) on Thursday.

Welsh said he has been in the industry for 26 years and is passionate about the Salina community, especially the workforce and the affordable housing market here so that people can have a nice place to live.

He said that people in the area are quick to buy houses.

“If someone looks up our website, they’ll find that there are only 35 homes between zero and a million (dollars),” said Welsh. “That doesn’t mean real estate agents are starving, or houses don’t sell, or buyers don’t buy.”