September 28, 2021

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How Many Mortgage Lenders Should I Apply To?

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It’s hard to know if you’re getting the best deal when you aren’t shop around for your mortgage.

If you compare and have multiple quotes, you may be able to negotiate lower prices. In short, buying from multiple mortgage lenders will help you find the best deal for yours mortgage.

But don’t go out there and call too many lenders as it can affect your credit score. They also leave you open to attorneys who make unwanted calls. So what is the correct answer when it comes to shopping multiple mortgage lenders? How many should you try? Here’s everything you need to know about how many mortgage lenders to apply to to buy a home.

Should You Apply to Multiple Lenders?

Nobody would blame you for wanting to keep it simple and just apply for a mortgage from a lender. However, applying to multiple lenders can have some real advantages: it saves you a lot of money and ensures that you get the right fit in the end. You just have to get it right.

A study by Freddie Mac in 2018 shows that borrowers who didn’t look paid more compared to those who did. According to the study, a homebuyer who received an additional offer saved an average of $ 1,435 on a $ 250,000 mortgage, and borrowers who received at least five offers saved the most over the life of the loan.

When deciding how many Mortgage lenders to achieve, there are none Perfect Number. Some experts recommend at least two or three options.

How to Apply to Multiple Lenders

Before you start looking for lenders, you should consider what type of mortgage is right for you. Many factors play a role in choosing the right type of mortgage.

How long do you want to live there? How high are your future earning potential? These questions can help you decide which mortgage is right for you.

For some buyers, a conventional fixed-rate mortgage makes the most sense as it is the most common type of mortgage. Conventional Loans have strict credit requirements and lower fees. For others, a government-issued loan is like one FHA or will Credit could be a better fit. In any case, not all lenders offer all types of credit, so decide on your type of credit first.

Once you know what you are looking for, decide who to reach out to. There are digital lenders as well as major banks and local credit unions. Don’t just look for the best price while you shop around. Also, consider the application or closing costs and how quickly a lender can close.

“The price is really just a piece of the puzzle,” says Lucy Randall, Director of Sales and Operations at, a digital mortgage lender.

Experts agree that it is better to consult with friends, family, financial advisors, or a broker about a good company. These are often the best sources of recommendation. I would also recommend your bank or credit union as a starting point. “

Pro tip

There is no sweet spot in shopping for lenders, but a good rule of thumb is to find two or three different offers. This will save you money for the life of your mortgage.

Any lender you want to work with should be an expert first, Randall said. That means that you go over your financial picture with them to make sure they can give you the type of loan that you are looking for.

When that’s all checked out, request a “Pre-approval letter“Which is a document that says the lender is ready to lend you money. That’s when the lender deducts your loan and qualifies you for the loan, which gives you a ticket to start buying homes in earnest.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiple Lenders

Here are the pros and cons of applying to multiple lenders:


You get the best deal.

Different lenders may be willing to lend you different amounts of money at different interest rates. Let’s say the first lender wants to offer you a 3% interest rate while the other lender wants to offer you a 3.25% interest rate. Everyone will view your financial situation differently and make you an offer accordingly.

By finding a few different lenders, you can understand the range of home buying power that you have.

“A lot of people find that they can actually afford a more expensive home than they thought, especially with prices this good,” Randall said.

Put one company against the other for a better price.

If you look around, it gives you leverage. Every Type of mortgage and lender have slightly different financial conditions. The prices vary, as do the closing costs or commission fees. You can get a lower interest rate from one company and show it to another company to lower the interest rate. When you shop with multiple lenders, you have the best chance of keeping costs to a minimum.

“Some lenders can be very expensive in terms of interest rates, but their closing costs could be lower,” Randall said. “It’s really good to get a feel for the price and the way many different companies calculate prices.”

They will choose the right lender relationship for you.

Different loan officers have different tones, and one mortgage lender may offer different benefits than the other. “Every company has different priorities,” says Randall. For example, some lenders are known for quick closing, while others are more willing to walk first-time buyers through a complicated process.

“It helps to get a feel for how different loan officers treat you. At the end of the day, this is a really stressful process so you want to work with someone or a company that suits the way you work, ”said Randall.

Here you can find more information on various Reviews of mortgage lenders.


Applying too often can damage your creditworthiness.

Every time you apply for a loan, a lender will check your credit score. Some of these result in a “soft pull” that does not harm your creditworthiness, but some lenders use a “hard pull” which is more of a negative effect.

One way to avoid getting too attacked is to submit all of your requests within a 30 day period, which will limit the hit to your creditworthiness. When you get one thing, keep in mind that it is only temporary and your score would go up again.

You could be showered with calls.

Many of the online mortgage platforms will take and share your personal information such as your phone number multiple lenders. That means you may get a lot of unwanted calls after just completing one application.

You could make the process more complicated than it needs to be.

While there are definitely benefits to having options, Randall cautioned that getting too many opinions can do more harm than it does.

“You don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen,” Randall said. If you end up with too many options, you may feel paralyzed by the decision.

One way to make loan comparison easier is to use a Mortgage calculator. A calculator shows you what the total interest you will actually pay over the life of the loan.