September 28, 2021

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How to reach your customers where they are

Digital marketing gurus and sales professionals will tell everyone Mortgage professional Same thing these days: if you want to grow, meet your customers where they are. While the mortgage industry is currently doing an excellent job of accessing customers through email and phone calls, it lacks the medium that most customers want to see as needed and that hits them right where they are: text messages.

At the a webinar tomorrow, Digital engagement experts from the SMS marketing platform Podium explain why and how Mortgage professionals should use text messaging to engage their customers and prospects. They’ll explain the pros and cons of SMS marketing and highlight some of the effective strategies that mortgage professionals can use to incorporate SMS marketing into their existing engagement efforts.

“One of the best ways to get in touch with customers is to make it easy and convenient for them to get in touch with you,” said Hayley Sonntag (pictured), Senior Marketing Specialist at Podium and one of the webinars Moderators. “One of the best ways to remove that friction and the barriers that keep customers from engaging is through SMS and SMS. This is the preferred way of communicating with businesses among businesses, and it is one of those channels that seems to be lacking more than others. “

Sonntag and her colleagues on the podium are not advocating a pure SMS strategy, but they see SMS marketing as a weaker pillar than most companies’ email and phone marketing. It is an area that the mortgage industry has not yet explored on a large scale as this industry is document driven and allows most of the formal communications to be via email, while connection points are via the phone. However, when it comes to emails, the immediate engagement and response of a text is lacking. Additionally, Sonntag noted that given the tremendous amount of time customers spend on their phones, text messages are a means of accessing a customer right where they are, provided the message content is solid.

Content is key to using SMS marketing because mortgage professionals need to come across as friendly, engaging, and interpersonal without losing a sense of professionalism. Sunday’s approach is to use conversational language and speak fully to your customers via text. While correct spelling and grammar are key to maintaining professionalism, she said throwing in an emoji here and there can keep things easier and help set the right tone. While your messages need to keep the customer or prospect informed, they are most effective when they include a call to action, a link to click, or a number to write back so the customer can instantly interact with your message.

While Podium offers a premium SMS marketing program, Sonntag stated that mortgage professionals can access a free version via the company’s website, If the webinar appeals and the trial works well, a mortgage professional can improve their SMS marketing efforts from there. Podium, she explained, can be used to integrate text messaging seamlessly with the other communication efforts of mortgage professionals. At the webinar itself, Sunday will explain how mortgage professionals can use Podium for SMS marketing, but it will also focus on why they should watch out for text messages to fuel their engagement.

“It’s about making the journey more convenient for your customers, making their work easier and meeting them where they are,” said Sonntag. “You want to open up those simple communication channels for customers that are so necessary in today’s convenience economy.”

To hear more from Sonntag and the podium team, Register for the webinar here.