September 17, 2021

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Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc. stock remains steady Friday, underperforms market

Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc.

were unchanged on Friday in what turned out to be an all-round positive trading session for the stock market on the NASDAQ Composite Index
+ 0.09%

Up 0.09% to 13,748.74 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average
+ 0.19%

Increase by 0.19% to 34,529.45. Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc. closed $ 5.00 below its 52-week high ($ 8.40) the company hit on June 8th.

The stock underperformed some of its peers on Friday as Annaly Capital Management Inc.
+ 0.54%

rose 0.54% to $ 9.27, AGNC Investment Corp.
+ 0.16%

rose 0.16% to $ 18.54 and Starwood Property Trust Inc.
+ 1.03%

rose 1.03% to $ 25.39. The trading volume (10.1 million) exceeded the 50-day average volume of 6.6 million EUR.

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