September 28, 2021

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Local families left waiting to receive mortgage relief, most applications still ‘in progress’ – Action News Jax

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – On the first day the City of Jacksonville’s mortgage assistance program opened, Michael Fernandez took the opportunity.

“We got in straight away because they said there were limited funds.”

Action News Jax reported on the program back in March.

The city provided $ 4 million in taxpayers’ money to local families struggling to pay their mortgages due to the pandemic.

Families can earn up to $ 7,500 in six months.

Fernandez says that his claim was “in process” after the application.

“I waited about a month, heard nothing, no emails, no phone calls, no correspondence at all.”

He says he contacted the city to see why it was taking so long.

“I got pretty much a great email back saying we’ll be in touch if there is anything else we need.”

The city tells Action News Jax that 925 people have requested assistance.

Almost two months after the program began, 365 applications were approved, according to the city.

That’s less than 40%.

In the balance, Fernandez asked us for help.

After months of waiting, Action News Jax reporter Dani Bozzini was able to help him process and approve his application.

“Now, my family, we will be here. We’re not going anywhere, ”said Fernandez.

The city tells me this is not a quick or easy process. Incomplete or missing documents also slow this down.

Fernandez hopes others will be encouraged to ask questions, if they have any, because you never know what might happen.

“You have helped us, and I hope this will help other families find the answers they are looking for.”