September 28, 2021

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Longview adds $170,000 in mortgage payments to plan for low-income rental assistance | Local

Longview City Hall warehouse

Longview Town Hall.

Courtney Talak

Longview leaders will extend federal pandemic assistance to low-income residents beyond rent and utility coverage and help homeowners pay their mortgages.

Longview City Council unanimously voted Thursday to open the remaining $ 170,000 in federal COVID relief grants previously made available to assist tenants and aid homeowners in need in Longview.

The change comes after the county government has raised millions of federal dollars to help tenants since the pandemic began.

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According to city documents, Lower Columbia Community Community Service Program officials know of “20 low-income households currently at risk of foreclosure.”

The nonprofit distributes Longview and Cowlitz County’s COVID relief funds when low-income residents apply for money to cover their rent, utilities, rental deposits, and in some cases, mortgages.

Two Cowlitz County officials advocating limited government spending must decide what is the federal pandemic dependency of $ 21 million.

City officials were initially unsure whether the grants could cover the mortgage payments. Longview city planner Adam Trimble said he checked with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to see if home payments could be included, prompting the council’s vote.

District funds

The Longview Council originally provided around $ 200,000 in federal funds in 2020 to help local tenants.