July 30, 2021

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Make Sure W.Va. Stays Strong | News, Sports, Jobs

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Why should Floridians or New Yorkers move to West Virginia?

West Virginia is a great state. It has grown under the table since the days of Arch Moore of great corruption and pay.

It’s a good sign that people want to move to West Virginia. A state that protects its victims. Great neighborhoods. Low taxes and affordable housing. What I fear are the big developments that are taking place and the influx of people who are driving up house prices, raising taxes, and destroying the beautiful scenery that West Virginia is known for.

Several companies will prosper from the big developments, but for the average working class, having to afford gasoline, day care, rent / mortgage, auto insurance, etc. will weigh heavily on their financial ability. These costs, too, will eventually increase.

I don’t want West Virginia to lose its inheritance from God, the American flag, and the right to bear arms. I want her to keep her citizens’ protective shield through fraudulent deals with the strong attorney general and the staff we have now.

Elizabeth Martin-Sullivan

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