July 30, 2021

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Matador Lending joins list of companies entering non-QM sector

Houston-based Matador Lending has joined the growing list of companies joining the non-corporation.QM Market.

The lender announced on Thursday that it is now offering loans to borrowers who do not have QM loans impaired income history or bad credit. Matador Lending not only finances QM, but also conventional jumbo. FHA, and become Loans.

“We have the right loan for every financial profile,” said Apurva Sanghavi, President of Matador Lending. “Our team is designed to review 100 mortgage options with 40+ lenders who match you with the financing you are now familiar with and ensure you have the right loan that suits your financial needs. Our loan officers have over 30 years of experience helping homeowners meet their loan needs. “

Matador Lending is one of those companies that want to benefit from growth in the non-QM sector. Last October, First Guarantee Mortgage brought back its non-QM line of products after being suspended during the pandemic. Meanwhile, California-based Pacific Private Money Group (PMM) has created a new lending division focused on non-QM and jumbo prime loans.