August 5, 2021

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Matthew Pollizi: Purple Heart recipient, family gifted mortgage-free home in Garner

GARNER, NC (WTVD) – Thursday, a local Marine veteran and his family received the gift of a lifetime thanks to an organization that specializes in caring for military families.

ABC11 was presented for the first time Matthew Polizzi at the December 2020 announcement his family would get the next new Hero Home. On Thursday the family got a first look at their new home.

Skydivers don’t give you the keys to your new home every day.

But the Polizzi family had many surprises on Thursday, the biggest being their brand new home.

“It’s kind of surreal who gets a house for something. It’s unbelievable; it will be nice to get our things here, it’s just unbelievable,” said Polizzi from his new home.

Polizzi is a retired Marine who served four times for 14 years and received a Purple Heart after being injured in Afghanistan.

“It’s a tough life, I’ve spent my years in the infantry as a training instructor and it really takes its toll, all the sorties and the time you’re away, but it’s good that I’m now retired to.” to be with the family again. ” and now we have to be a house instead of them moving, “he explained.

All of this was made possible by Operation Coming Home.

“You choose a builder, you choose a family, you get the land donated, and Mattamy Homes have agreed to make this their second home among Mattamy Homes to make this possible,” said the President of Operation Coming Home Us Veteran Corp.

Operation: Coming Home (OCH) is a partnership between members of the US Veterans Corps (USVC), the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County (HBA) and various nonprofits and companies in the region. The construction team, made up of veterans and non-veterans, honors the victims of the badly wounded veterans of the Middle East’s recent wars by building houses for them free of charge.

Ladner said it was very exciting to take care of veterans like Matthew and his family

“When they see the specials and walk around the room and even see that we have a surprise for the dogs, they get emotional,” he explained.

This is Hero House number 23. Operation Coming Home has been doing this since 2008 and they say they can’t wait to do Hero House number 24.

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