September 28, 2021

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Medford hospice residence receives mortgage pay off donation

MEDFORD, Oregon. – A hospice residence in Medford received a special gift from a local couple. The organization is the only dedicated hospice inpatient care facility in southern Oregon.

Celia’s House of Holmes Park received a generous donation from the Meese Foundation. The foundation gift is over $ 342,000 to pay off the mortgage on the homes. Spender, Jed and Celia Meese come from the healthcare sector. Celia’s house told NBC5 News that the couple had been with the organization from the start.

“They saw [as] the end of life is really meaningful, precious, unique and needs to be treated as something really precious, ”said Julie Raefield, Development Dir.

As COVID-19 increases the budget of the nonprofit organization, the donation is less of a stress factor.

Southern Oregon Friends of Hospice and Celia’s House of Holmes Park are also looking for volunteers. If you enjoy gardening and helping your community, click HERE for more details.

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