July 30, 2021

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Merchants Capital Named #4 Multifamily Affordable Lender Nationwide by Mortgage Bankers Association

CARMEL, Ind., May 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – (Nasdaq: sprout) Mortgage Bank Merchants Capital today announced that it has earned two high-ranking positions on the 2020 Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) prestigious list of Commercial / Multi-Family Originators.

Merchants Capital ranked 4th nationwide in affordable multi-family loans in 2020. Overall, the company closed $ 2.2 billion in affordable loans over 188 transactions with an average transaction size of $ 11.8 million.

Merchants Capital also ranked # 1 for the original office location of Indianapoliswhere it is headquartered. From this office it closed $ 3.2 billion over 287 transactions in 2020 with an average loan size of $ 11.3 million. Merchants Capital Indianapolis is also one of four Merchants manufacturing centers across the country Chicago, St. Paul and new York.

Merchants Capital provided an estimate across all locations $ 4.8 billion in funding in 2020About half of this went to support the maintenance and development of affordable housing across the country. This success marked a historic milestone for the company as overall Merchants Capital production grew 106% year over year.

in the new York specially about $ 1.2 billion in debt financing was launched in 2020 to maintain and develop affordable housing in the region and ranked Merchants as one of the best affordable multi-family housing financiers in the region. The milestone reflected Merchants Capital New York’s steep growth path due to its ever-expanding and diverse supply base, including on-book, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and FHA loan products.

“We are incredibly proud to be included in this leading industry list. Such achievements would not be possible without the daily support of our customers and team members,” he said Mathew Wambua, Merchants Capital, vice chairman and agency lending director. “The national rankings validate our strategic decision to support much-needed charitable projects as one of the leading full-service affordable housing finance providers in the United States, and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the future.”

The report is the only one of its kind to provide a comprehensive listing of 141 different commercial / multi-family mortgage lenders, their 2020 volumes and their different roles. The report contains origination volumes in more than 140 categories, including by role, investor group, property type, financing structure type and location of the original office. It can be purchased via MBA online shop.

To learn more about Merchants Capital and its services, visit www.merchantscapital.com or find Merchants Capital at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and Instagram.

Merchants Bancorp is a diversified bank holding company headquartered in Carmel, Indiana Operates multiple businesses including the Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) financing and servicing of apartment buildings and healthcare facilities; Mortgage warehouse financing; Mortgage bank for private customers and correspondents; agricultural loans; and traditional community banking. Merchants Bancorp, with $ 9.7 billion in assets and $ 8.1 billion in deposits March 31, 2021conducts its business primarily through its direct and indirect subsidiaries, the Merchants Bank of Indiana, Merchants Capital Corp., Farmers-Merchants Bank of Illinois, Merchants Capital Servicing, LLC and Merchants Mortgage, a division of Merchants Bank of Indiana. For more information and financials, please visit Merchants’ Investor Relations page at investors.merchantsbancorp.com.

Merchants Capital was founded in 1990 and is one of the leading lenders in the country for the refinancing, acquisition, new construction and comprehensive renovation of multi-family, affordable senior and student apartments. Whether you’re considering Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, HUD / FHA insured, or balance sheet financing, our personalized services will help you meet your financing goals. Experience the creativity of a small lender with all the skills of a large institution. To learn more about Merchants Capital, visit www.merchantscapital.com.

SOURCE Dealer Bancorp

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