September 28, 2021

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Mortgage benefits for the National Guard

In December 2020, Congress passed the Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act. Part of that bill increased the number of National Guard troops having access to VA loan benefits. The United States National Guard Association estimates more than 50,000 Guardsmen will win VA loan Authorization.

What has changed

Previously, guardsmen and reservists were eligible for VA home loans after six years of service, says Chris Birk, VP of Mortgage Insight and Director of Education at Veterans United.

While six years of service was the standard requirement, exceptions were sometimes granted. For example, Guardsmen called up under Title 10 (instructed by the President to register for active duty) were chosen for a VA loan after 90 days of consecutive service. However, the guardsmen called up under Title 32 (by the governors of their states) were not granted early authorization.

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