July 30, 2021

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Delayed payment of debts described and secured in the terms of this particular mortgage executed by MALCOLM CAMPBELL, an unmarried man, and

RYAN NEAL CAMPBELL, an unmarried man, to SYNOVUS BANK, dated April 18, 2019 and recorded May 13, 2019 in Book No. 4466, page 471, in the probate office of

Lee County, Alabama, as later ROBERT BARNETT, AS TRUSTEE OF THE RH 401 (K) PLAN, on an assignment of promissory notes, mortgages, and other loan documents dated Sept.

2021, from SYNOVUS BANK to ROBERT BARNETT, AS TRUSTOMER OF THE RH 401 (K) PLAN, as on June 28, 2021 in mortgage book 4750, page 624, in the probate’s office of

Lee County, Alabama, and said standard remains in place; and the undersigned mortgage holder has declared the entire debt due and payable under the Terms, and

Terms of this Mortgage are hereby announced that the undersigned, ROBERT BARNETT, AS TRUSTEE OF THE RH 401 (K) PLAN, will sell to the public under the terms of this Mortgage

Cash outcry at the winning bidder outside the door of the Lee County, Alabama Courthouse in Opelika, Lee County, Alabama during legal sales hours on Tuesday, August 10, 2021

the property described below:

The following lots and lots, along with any improvements on them, are located in Phenix City, Lee County, AL:

Lot 22, Block N, Addendum No. 1 of the Kalldalen Subdivision, a map and sign of the aforementioned Kalldalen Subdivision recorded in Plat Book 7, page 19, in the Lee County Probate Judge’s office,

Alabama. Located, lying, and in Lee County, Alabama.

This is the same property that was simply transferred to Malcolm Campbell, a married man, and Ryan Neal Campbell, his son, as co-tenants with the express right to survivorship in the fee

after the death of the other, dated 03/23/2004 and recorded 03/29/2004 in book 2252, page 799, in the Lee County Recorder’s Office.

Package ID No .: 43-14-09-31-0-003-068.000

This property is being sold “as is”, subject to all easements, encumbrances and exceptions contained in the mortgage and details contained in the records

the office of the probate court of the district in which the property described above is located. This property is sold without warranty or recourse, either express or implied with regard to ownership, use

and / or enjoyment and is sold subject to the redemption rights of all entitled parties. Alabama law gives some individuals who have an interest in property the right to repayment

the property in certain circumstances. Programs may also exist to help people avoid or delay the foreclosure process. An attorney should be consulted to help you understand this

Rights and Programs as Part of the Foreclosure Process. This sale is for the purpose of paying off debts secured by the mortgage as well as the costs of foreclosure. The

The mortgagee reserves the right to offer and purchase the property and to offset its purchase price against the cost of the sale and the debt secured by the property. This sale is

subject to postponement or cancellation; contact H. Samuel Prim, III at the phone number below prior to participating in the sale.

Dated June 30, 2021.

Robert Barnett, as trustee of the PH 401 (K) plan

BY: H. Samuel Prim, III

Prim & Mendheim, LLC

Mortgage attorney

207 West Adams Streets

Dothan, Alabama 36302

(334) 671-9555

(File number: 21-829)

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