April 17, 2021

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New Fed Mortgage chooses Total Expert Empowering its Loan Officers to Build Trust and Drive Engagement | News

DANVERS, Mass., March 17, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – New Fed Mortgage Corp, a regional mortgage lender licensed in 13 states, has announced a partnership with Total Expert, the customer experience platform designed specifically for lenders.

With a responsibility to help customers cope with financial uncertainty in an increasingly digital environment, New Fed Mortgage recognizes the dual importance of human connections and intelligent, automated technology as part of its customer loyalty strategy. In order to deliver timely, relevant customer communication on a large scale, the MassachusettsA base-based lender uses the Total Experience Platform to always get the right message across to the right customer at the right time.

The Total Experience Platform will help New Fed Mortgage unify customer data by connecting the best of technology through an open API, ultimately creating a single source of truth that loan offers can access to timely address their customers’ unique financial needs determine. New Fed Mortgage Loan Officers get a holistic view of the customer that allows them to have and nurture very personal relationships

“With Total Expert, we can give our loan officers the digital tools they need to streamline the lending process and deliver automated marketing to their clients,” said Brian D’Amico, CEO and President of New Fed Mortgage. “With a unique 360-degree view of their customers, they can personalize reach and become more productive, while reaffirming their role as a trusted financial partner at every touchpoint.”

Total Expert and New Fed Mortgage share the relentless belief that customers are entitled to a personalized experience with every financial transaction. With customers at the center of every interaction, the Total Experience Platform facilitates custom communication based on personal preferences and opens the door to meaningful, lifelong relationships.

“At Total Expert, we believe that every interaction a customer has with their lender either instills or undermines trust,” he said Sue Woodard, Chief Customer Officer at Total Expert. “The New Fed Mortgage team understands the power of personalized public relations when combined with intelligent marketing automation. We want to help you give important clues to important moments in your customers’ lives. We are delighted to have you in the Total Expert family to welcome . “

About Total Expert

Total Expert is a fintech software company that created the first experience platform specifically designed for the modern financial institution. The platform enables sales and marketing teams to leverage data to seamlessly deliver products and services relevant to each customer based on their financial goals. Total Expert focuses on the unique compliance requirements of financial services companies that need to integrate industry-specific data and applications to deliver a cohesive experience across the customer lifecycle. For more information, visit totalexpert.com.

About the New Fed Mortgage Corporation

New Fed Mortgage has specialized in retail mortgage lending since 2001. Licensed in 13 states, the company offers conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA and various government housing programs as well as access to a variety of portfolio products. Products range from first-time buyers programs with little or “0” down, traditional fixed income products, ARM programs, construction loans, “pick your own term”, 203k Home renovation loans and access to bespoke portfolio programs that can be tailored to a borrower’s specific needs. For more information, visit newfed.com.

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