October 24, 2021

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NFM Lending Loan Originators Named Scotsman Guide Top Women

Linthicum, May 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – NFM lending and his family of lenders is proud to announce that thirteen of its lenders are on the go Scotsman Guide Top Women Originators 2021 List.

This is the third year of the Scotsman Guide has recognized the best producing female mortgage lenders in the country. Out of the thousands of entries for the magazine’s annual Top Originators Ranking, 2,055 women made this list. The overall ranking is based on the total dollar volume for 2020.

Among the creators of NFM who made the list, Jessica Uphoff of Westminster, CO, ranked 57th with over $ 220 million in credit and 567 closed-end loans. Jane Floyd of Tampa, FL ranked 67th. She has over $ 208 million in volume and 662 loans. Jolene Moore of Fairfax, VA ranked 410th with a volume of nearly $ 94 million and 224 closed loans.

“It is an incredible gift for our company to have so many top producers. This group is much more than just lenders. They are the very people who continue to help guide our corporate culture to keep our ideas fresh and innovative, ”said Jan Ozga, President of NFM Lending. “You will have a hard time finding a better group of professionals in our industry. All of us in the NFM family of lenders are honored to learn from and follow these dynamic women. “

NFM Lending is proud of the achievements of these lenders and wishes them continued success.

Jessica Uphoff, NMLS # 174999 – Branch Manager, NFM Lending

Jane Floyd, NMLS # 327235 – Branch Manager, NFM Lending

Jolene Moore, NMLS # 448601 – Vice President / Senior Home Loan Consultant, High Street Home Loans

Karen Dulmage, NMLS # 485100 – Area Manager / Vice President, Main Street Home Loans

Carolyn Flitcroft, NMLS # 389312 – Senior Home Loan Consultant, High Street Home Loans

Ana Tolentino, NMLS # 659522 – Senior Home Loan Consultant, High Street Home Loans

Michelle Powstanski, NMLS # 485136 – Main Street Home Loans Home Loan Advisor

Colleen McQuillen, NMLS # 476405 – Senior Home Loan Consultant, High Street Home Loans

Raquel Wilson, NMLS # 887732 – Mortgage Loan Originator, NFM Lending

Kelcey Morange, NMLS # 85965 – Senior Home Loan Consultant, High Street Home Loans

Sylvia Sanders, NMLS # 633013 – Mortgage Lender, BluPrint Home Loan

Mary Levinson, NMLS # 145055 – Branch Manager, NFM Lending

Hillary Cochin, NMLS # 1131858 – Senior Home Loan Consultant, High Street Home Loans

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