July 31, 2021

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NFM Lending salutes Staff Sergeant Charles Eggleston

LINTHICUM, MD, May 3, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – NFM lending is pleased to honor retired Staff Sergeant Charles Eggleston, USA, as the NFM greeting for May 2021.

Growing up, Eggleston had no shortage of military influences in his life. From the GI Joe action figures he played with to his father and grandfather’s service records, Eggleston knew he wanted to be a hero when he got older. He was also inspired by the fighters of Operation Desert Storm and wanted to bring their sacrifices forward. In 1992 he joined the US Army.

In the following decade, Eggleston trained as a sniper and served in the Special Forces Army. He lived in Fort Meade, MD and was serving as an Army reservist when he was posted to Iraq in 2003. He suffered his first injury in Baghdad and was wounded again in 2004 while on duty in the Middle East. Always resilient, Eggleston was reassigned to Iraq in 2005 as a sergeant of the 107th Army Cavalry Regiment (ACR), the 3rd Special Forces Group, the 25th Infantry Division and the 11th ACR. While his unit was on a rescue mission, an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated, killing everyone on the team except Eggleston. Eggleston’s condition after the explosion was so extreme that he was initially declared deceased. The explosion had badly damaged his back, head, legs and arms.

When Eggleston returned to America, he was treated at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC). Unfortunately, his physical and mental recovery was hampered by the poor conditions and management in the hospital. Eggleston and his wife, Pamela, spoke out valiantly against improper care and management and marked the beginning of their passionate advocacy for veterans and their caregivers. During the three and a half years that he was with WRAMC, he had 56 surgeries. In 2008, Eggleston retired medically from the Army after 16 years of service. For his courageous actions he received the bronze star medal and the purple heart.

Due to the severity of his injuries, it was a miracle that Eggleston was alive, let alone could walk again. After many years of hospitalization, Eggleston struggled with persistent body aches and ptsd from his time in combat, but he found healing in the form of golf, a game he had never cared about. Playing golf allowed him to recover physically and mentally, and he loved the camaraderie of the sport. “Golf is a complete game of concentration,” said Eggleston. “You can hit this ball sweetly, and it goes to heaven the right way. That itself became my built-in recovery tool.” After retiring from the military, Eggleston began a career in IT consulting that spanned over ten years. He won several government contracts including the Pentagon, USPS, and the US Senate. In 2009 he founded his own IT consultancy, where he hired other veterans.

Eggleston lives in Annapolis, MD with his wife Pamela. In his civil life he continued to work with Pamela for the welfare of the veterans. “We are now fighting for the boys and girls who are falling behind us, not for us,” he said. “Because we stand on the shoulders of the Vietnam era, World War II, World War I and the Korean era.” Eggleston has lived a rich life giving back to a variety of veteran causes including Blue Families, Voices for America’s Troops, ThanksUSA, and Salute Military Golf Association. He’s helping other veterans struggling with PTSD and TBIs by coaching them through golf. During all of the trials Eggleston has endured, his family and optimism have enabled him to conquer them with honor and dignity. “If you program your body and mind to think positively and feel good … if you take this path of positivity, if you believe, I feel like I can ascend.”

The NFM Greetings is an initiative that each month selects a military or veteran member to be named Greetings of the Month. The salutes will be selected from the nominations posted on the NFM Salute website www.nfmsalute.com. The “Greeting of the Month” is featured on the website with a biography and information about his ministry. NFM Lending donates to a non-profit organization on behalf of the Salute. NFM Lending is proud to donate $ 2,500 to the In honor of our troops (iHOOT) Foundation on behalf of Eggleston. NFM looks forward to the opportunity to continue honoring military service members and veterans through the NFM Salute initiative.

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