May 16, 2021

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NVR earnings show homebuilding is up but uncertainty lies ahead

An influx of new home orders helped boost NVR’s sales in the first quarter after falling from the final 2020 frame.

The home builder, mortgage lender, and title company posted net income of $ 248.8 million, representing $ 63.21 per diluted share. Those numbers fell from $ 305 million to $ 76.93 on a quarterly basis while increasing from $ 175.7 million to $ 44.96 annually. Although the 42% year-over-year growth is strong, the first quarter of 2020 saw poor credit terms compared to the rest of last year.

The mortgage bank component was $ 1.41 billion for closed-end credit production with a pre-tax profit of $ 58.6 million. These also decreased from $ 1.66 billion and $ 61.8 million in the fourth quarter, but increased annually from $ 1.13 billion and $ 11.5 million.

With the demand for more living space in the middle the extreme lack of storage, NVR has completed orders for 6,314 new units in the first quarterfrom 5,485 units in the fourth quarter of 2020 to 5,015 units per year. The company had sales of $ 1.96 billion in residential construction, down from $ 2.26 billion in the fourth quarter but up from $ 1.56 billion year over year. Escalate Material prices and regulatory unknowns, however, cloud the view of the future.

“Although currently The demand for new homes is strongThere is still uncertainty about the extent and timing of operational disruptions that could result from COVID-19 and related government measures, ”the company said in its earnings report. “We cannot predict how this will affect our operational and financial performance, including the impact on our employees, customers and trading partners.”

The Reston, Virginia-based NVR’s total assets rose from $ 5.78 billion at the end of 2020 to $ 5.82 billion in the first quarter.