July 27, 2021

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Opinion: San Diego County’s New Rental Eviction Protections Do More Harm Than Good

The apartment is located in the East Village in downtown San Diego. Photo by Chris Stone

On April 6, the San Diego County Regulatory Agency voted to propose tougher rental controls and evictions for “just reasons” that would apply across the county. On paper, many groups have focused on how this move will protect tenants.

However, many have overlooked or simply been unaware of how these measures are exiting landlords and owners by precluding any possibility of removing tenants unless they pose an “imminent health and safety risk”. The new country-specific regulations Go too far beyond the strong national safeguards already in place and are having a significant impact on residential construction in San Diego.

The consequences of this regulation are worrying for a number of reasons. Housing providers are no longer allowed to protect their tenants from annoying and potentially dangerous tenants. This ultimately endangers the safety and quality of life of the families who are forced to live near these tenants as they deserve a stable and healthy environment.

Housing providers, especially independent landlords, are being forced to carry an unfair part of the burden, and this story is not being told. In the past year, many of these housing providers had to forego rent payments. This new regulation would continue to put the weight of the problem on the owners.

For some of our mom and pop landlords, especially seniors, who use these funds as their main source of income, financial stability is severely compromised. In addition, the new regulations would even prevent them from moving into their own rental property if their main residence is foreclosed or if this is necessary for financial reasons.