September 17, 2021

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Recruiting in a competitive market

As for Arc Home’s internal support, the executive team interacts with all levels of the company on a daily basis. You are approachable and have an open house policy in what you donot often seen at this level. There are monthly town halls with the CEO and senior management to make sure all Arc Home employees know whatt is happening and what you can look forward to in the coming months. There is a question and answer session where employees ask questions to the executive team, as well as quarterly awards where employees can nominate their colleagues to recognize their achievements. We all have the same goal so the monthly personal town halls promote success for all areas of Arc Home.

At Arc Home we doThey don’t see the pandemic as a business barrier. We see it as a challenge and an opportunity to explore different recruiting techniques and find talent across the country. We had to make hiring decisions quickly, so we’ve seen massive growth. Arc Home is one of the few mortgage banks that has not laid off any non-QM employees due to the pandemic. We moved these people to other areas, which gave them the opportunity to get to know a different facet of the business. Arc Home grew from 130 employees in January 2020 to currently around 310 employees.

Through the challenges that weI’ve faced one of the greatest things that made Arc Home easier for me in the past year and a halfs continuous growth are employee recommendations. I always say, Talent knows talent ”. We have a solid employee referral program and we appreciate that our employees value their time here. Our employees want to share their experience of working at Arc Home and continue to recommend others to participate.

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