September 19, 2021

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Rent relief still available for Virginia tenants

ROANOKE, Virginia (WDBJ) – With the CDC’s eviction moratorium expiring August 1, landlords can begin issuing eviction notices.

The Legal Aid Society of Roanoke Valley would like to let renters know that help is still available.

Every legal aid company in the Commonwealth has been given grants to enable a designated rental navigator to assist tenants under the Virginia Rent Relief Program.

Navigators can help people who are eligible for legal aid and who are past due their rent or know they are behind due to loss of income or increased expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, Roanoke’s rental navigator Austin Bouffard has helped over 60 people in the area and given away a total of $ 300,000 for their rent.

“We are able to either provide them with the current month and the future, or just support them with the current or just the future,” says Bouffard. “You don’t have to be behind and you don’t have to be in wrongful detention, you just have to know that you need help.”

Legal Aid staff say even though the mortgage relief program has been capped, there is still a lot of money available in the rent relief program for tenants.

Click here for more information on legal aid or applying for the rent reduction program.

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