September 19, 2021

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Spending package headed for House debate

The session (2 p.m., H-313) concerns the first 2022 budget package that the House will consider, which will cover Agriculture, Energy-Water, Financial Services, Home-Environment, Labor-HHS-Education, Military Construction-VA and Transportation – HUD bills.

The Democratic leaders also leave open the option to consider further spending bills this week. The regulatory body will meet on Tuesday on Legislative, State-Foreign Operations and Trade-Justice-Science Actions.

Legislators have tabled hundreds of amendments to the package, including 186 amendments to the Labor HHS Education Act.

Most of the GOP health changes to the measure fall into three categories: plans to set controversial democratic priorities, targeting the Wuhan lab, which some believe may have led to the pandemic, or the COVID Change 19 Policies and Reduce Spending.

In the Agriculture Act, Republicans tabled a mix of policies that would discourage the Department of Agriculture from taking certain climate action and changes that would shift climate-related funding to other purposes like broadband services, Ellyn Ferguson writes.