September 26, 2021

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Students interview veteran for history text

Christopher Raso, a seventh-grade social science teacher at Canyon Ridge School High School and an NSSAR, ASDAR, and Arizona History Award-winning instructor, had his students interview Vietnam veteran Patrick Alley by asking questions and tapping the interview Recorded video. Due to COVID restrictions and Mr. Alley, who was living in Virginia at the time, this process was performed virtually.

The students are members of the Arizona-based Veteran’s Heritage Project organization, which interviews veterans across the state of Arizona. Mr. Alley’s interview will be published in the 2022 hardback Since You Asked. The book, along with a video, is submitted each year to the United States Library of Congress’s Veterans History Program to immortalize American military history by preserving the heroic stories of veterans.

Veterans are sponsored by donations from individuals and organizations, and the Daughters of the American City Agua Fria National Society, Daughters of the Chapter of the American Revolution, were again proud to raise funds for the book’s publication. Anyone interested in supporting the VHP can visit

The Agua Fria NSDAR chapter also sent Mr. Alley a 50th Vietnam-era commemorative pin package that included a special pin, a booklet explaining the symbols on the pin, a button, bumper sticker, and a chapter thank you note. The Ministry of Defense is sponsoring the 50th memorial project, which will end in 2025 on the 50th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. Visit to become part of the Commemorative Partner Program with the DOD Vietnam War Commemoration Project.

The Chapter Agua Fria website – – also shows how the Chapter honors and thanks veterans of the United States who receive the pins and recognize all members of the NSDAR Proven Patriots.