May 18, 2021

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Terry McAuliffe holds fundraising lead in race for Virginia governor

His next democratic rival is the former delegate Jennifer D. Carroll Foy (Prince William), who raised a total of $ 3.7 million,
Including $ 1.8 million in the first quarter of this year. she had
$ 2.3 million in the bank.

Among the seven Republicans who vied for their party’s nomination at a May 8 convention was the former executive director of the Carlyle Group Glenn Youngkin raised the most overall: around $ 8 million, all in the first quarter including a $ 5.5 million loan from him. The businessman is not far behind Pete Snyder, who has raised nearly $ 6.9 million – including $ 5.2 million in loans from himself and his wife, Burson. Mark Kimsey, a Great Falls stockbroker, added one to Snyder’s profits
Donate $ 1 million just two days before the deadline.

With the crowded GOP competition seemingly wide open, Republicans spent a lot of money over the quarter, including expensive television advertising that is usually not involved in conventions, which usually only attract party activists.

Youngkin almost spent
$ 4.4 million in the reporting period and around $ 3.3 million in April, while Snyder spent $ 4.2 million and had just under $ 2.6 million in the bank.

The Democrats spent significantly less over the period. McAuliffe had $ 1.2 million in spending for the quarter while Carroll Foys was $ 760,000.

All candidates are vying to succeed Governor Ralph Northam (D), who is prohibited from serving consecutive terms under the Virginia constitution. If re-elected, McAuliffe, who stepped down in January 2018, would be just the second governor of Virginia to serve two terms since the Civil War.

McAuliffe, who was a record-breaking Democratic fundraiser and chairman of the Democratic National Committee prior to assuming governor, received his largest donation from the Laborers’ International Union of North America’s Education Fund. The group gave him $ 250,000. He had no credit.

Much of the money Carroll Foy raised in the first quarter – $ 750,000 out of $ 1.8 million – came from a Charlottesville couple: hedge fund manager Michael Bills and his wife Sonjia Smith. Renewable Energy Funds and Bill’s bankrolls, the Clean Virginia Fund gave her $ 500,000, while Smith contributed $ 250,000 this quarter. Smith gave another $ 250,000 in April last year.

McClellan has raised a total of $ 1.8 million, of which more than $ 635,000 in the quarter, and approximately $ 442,000 is available. Carter raised $ 139,000 in the quarter and had around $ 89,000 in the bank. Fairfax raised a total of $ 327,000, nearly $ 100,000 for the quarter, and had $ 21,000.

McClellan issued a statement stating that, as a legislator, she was prohibited from raising funds during the regular session of the General Assembly that year. She also announced that she had “nearly $ 1.5 million in committed donations for the second quarter,” including “major planned contributions from New Virginia Majority and Care in Action.”

Cox, a retired teacher who has served in the legislature for 30 years, has raised approximately $ 1.1 million in total, of which $ 694,000 in the first quarter and spent $ 726,000. He set off for April with $ 310,000.

Chase, a self-described “Trump in Heels” who entered the race more than a year before most of the candidates, has raised a total of $ 783,000, of which just under $ 114,000 in the reporting period. She spent $ 147,000 and had $ 196,000 in the bank.

De la Peña raised $ 263,000, spent approximately $ 221,000, and had approximately $ 43,000. Doran raised just over $ 16,000, spent $ 14,000, and ended the period around $ 2,000. Johnson raised $ 932 and ended up with $ 800.

A third candidate is also running Princess Blanding, his brother, Marcus-David Peterswas killed by Richmond Police in 2018 during a mental crisis. She raised $ 12,152 and ended up with about $ 10,000 in the bank.

In the race of Lieutenant Governor Del. Sam Rasoul (D-
Roanoke) leads the pack of seven Democrats in fundraising, while former delegate Timothy D. Hugo (R-Fairfax) is ahead of his five Republican opponents.

Rasoul has raised approximately $ 633,000 since the beginning of the year, relying heavily on non-governmental donors who have connections with Muslim interest groups. Rasoul would be the first Muslim to hold a national office in Virginia if he wins in November.

For example Manal Fakhoury, the secretary for The advocacy group for the American-Islamic Relations Council in Washington donated $ 70,000 during this period. Mohannad Malas, a California real estate investor who sits on the board of the Orange County Islamic Foundation, contributed $ 48,500.

In total, the donations have left Rasoul with almost $ 1 million so far.

Del. Mark Levine (Alexandria) raised nearly $ 505,000 since the start of the year, of which $ 350,000 was a loan to himself. He has $ 602,000 available. Norfolk City Council member Andria McClellan raised approximately $ 395,000 in the first quarter, with her husband contributing a quarter of that amount and leaving her campaign with $ 406,000 in funds. Del. Hala S. Ayala (Prince William) raised $ 141,000 and brought her available cash to $ 155,000.

Del. Elizabeth R. Guzman (Prince William) raised $ 137,000, with American Federation of State, County, and Municipal employees collecting half that amount in contributions and donations in kind. She has $ 118,000 available. Sean Perryman, former head of the NAACP Chapter in Fairfax County, raised $ 105,000 and has $ 159,000. Arlington County’s businessman Xavier Warren raised nearly $ 11,000 with $ 39,000 available.

On the Republican side, Hugo has a slight advantage over two other candidates when it comes to fundraising. The former chairman of the House Majority Assembly raised over $ 198,000, nearly half of which appears to have come from his former delegate’s campaign fund, with $ 104,000 in cash. Former Winsome Sears Delegate
(R-Norfolk) was just behind at $ 191,000. She has $ 64,000 in the bank. Del. Glenn R. Davis Jr. (R-Virginia Beach) raised $ 135,000 after borrowing $ 89,000. He has $ 36,000 available.

Fairfax County’s management consultant Puneet Ahluwalia raised $ 28,000 and has almost that much left. Maeve Rigler, a financial advisor in Alexandria, said she had raised about $ 20,000, all donations in kind to herself, and that she had no funds. Lance Allen, a National Safety Officer in Fairfax County, followed the field with roughly $ 16,000 raised since the beginning of the year. But he’s got $ 25,000.

Among Republicans who seek office Del. Jason S. Miyares (Virginia Beach) raised $ 236,000 and had $ 341,000. Chuck SmithThe Virginia Beach attorney and former Marine raised approximately $ 138,000 and had approximately $ 32,000. Jack White, a Northern Virginia Army veteran and attorney who served on the Supreme Court of Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. raised $ 154,000 and ended up with $ 97,000. Leslie Haley, a supervisor from Chesterfield County, raised $ 120,000 and ended up with $ 67,000.